Beach Buggy Racing 2 APK for Android

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Enter a cute mascot race!

Beach Buggy 2 is an adorable racing game where players will participate in a competitive tournament and will race against each other. The goal is for you to get to the finish line before anyone else, but it’s not that simple. You and your opponents will try to blast each other off the tracks!  The game is fun, thrilling, and exciting with its very own twists and turns.

 Secure the #1 spot

 The game is not all about trying to surpass the enemy but it is also about keeping the lead. Beach Buggy 2’s mechanics will remind you of the popular Mario Kart game where weapons that are scattered on the tracks can be used to delay other racers. Of course, this game has its own unique character designs, features, and weapons that you will come across as your head towards the finish line. In addition to weapons, there are power-ups in the game that can help you boost your performance. The game’s characters or mascots also have their own powers and skills as well, which will prove to be useful in trying to gain the advantage over others during the race. For instance, there are characters that can shoot or release balls on the tracks to hinder your opponent’s driving. In our opinion, it is a very effective cause of delay that will give you the opportunity to widen your gap from them. There are lots of characters and vehicles to choose from, meaning that there are also wide varieties of weapons and abilities you can try and experiment on. This makes Beach Buggy 2 incredibly entertaining, not to mention the many game modes and tracks that it has to offer.

 Unlock cars, tracks, and characters

 What makes Beach Buggy 2 different and better than other kart racing games is that its Single Player mode is structured with missions that you need to accomplish. There are actual goals that you need to meet and complete in order to unlock the next level and racetrack. There are also boss fights to expect during the last level of each stage where you will be racing one-on-one against the big boss. Winning will reward you with a new character that you can use if you want to switch avatars anytime in the game. Beach Buggy 2’s Single Player mode will give you an enjoyable and rewarding experience so that players still have the chance to have fun even if they are playing alone. Of course, if you have friends to play with, the Multiplayer mode is just as exciting! 

Challenging but rewarding 

Beach Buggy 2 is game that everyone will surely have fun with. With its action-packed races, every round is bound to be challenging yet worth playing. It has wide racetracks that give players the freedom of movement and it has unique characters that can be unlocked. Whether you are playing alone or with your friends, Beach Buggy 2’s thrilling racers will let you enjoy a bumpy ride. 


  • Challenging single-player missions
  • Wide selection of unique characters and cars
  • Smooth game graphics
  • Multiplayer mode


  • Unrealistic game physics
  • Controls are not highly-responsive
  • Character abilities can be activated only once
  • Repetitive music

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Beach Buggy Racing 2 APK for Android

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 2021.11.13
  • 4.5
  • (254)
  • APK Status

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